Friday, November 9, 2012

No Cookie Dough Fundraiser

We are doing one of our two major fundraisers this year!

 Kids are to ask for donations for our school, rather than selling cookie dough.  Donations of $15 and up are put in a drawing for prizes.  The more an adult donates, the more chances s/he has to win multiple/better prizes (the prizes are for the donors--not the kids).  If you have questions about the drawings, please call the office.

We are trying to raise money for iPads for the classes.  Currently each class has one iPad (except for 5th grade which shares 6 more between the two classes and Special Ed, which has a total of about 4).  We need more!  Our goal, as a STEAM school, is to eventually have one computing device for every child in the school.  Every penny earned with this fundraiser will be used to buy iPads.  Please help!

Please note that every child who brings back an envelope by November 19th will receive a ticket for a free ice cream at Arctic Circle.  The tickets say they expire on Nov. 15th.  Arctic Circle will continue to honor the tickets after that date.

Please support your students!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reflections-"The Magic of a Moment"

Please see the flyer for the theme and due date for Reflections this year! Encourage your students to participate in this wonderful program. Registration packets can be picked up in the slots in front of the school.